Augernon was a '94 Mountaineer and close friend of Ascender.

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Augernon was the resident Ebenguard for The Mountaineers before the lie of this world destroyed his mind. According to Ascender, "the same “thing” that came for the other '94s came for him. Twisted his mind. He’d seen more of the truth than anyone else, and it’s like someone went in and tore it out of him, leaving half a man behind. One day he was the sweetest guy I ever met, father, husband, friend… The next day he was a ghost" [1].

Having been twisted by the forces determined to keep magic at bay, Augernon slips in and out of lucidity. Despite this, he still has some perception of himself in his dreams, an area where magic could not be destroyed.

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Augernon is one of the two remaining members of the '94 Mountaineers who managed to survive the entity that seeks to destroy all magic. Prior to the extermination of the Mountaineers, he had a wife and sons. Unlike Ascender, who was able to escape the entity by never staying in one place for very long, Augernon was forced to confront the entity. Having seen "more of the truth than anyone else," his entire sense of self was destroyed, leaving behind a shell of a man.

In the last number of years, Augernon had spent his life in a Maryland mental health facility. Ascender had visited him a number of times, sometimes being remembered by the man, but Augernon never had any memories of the Mountaineers or what they did.

Phase One Edit

After the events of Fragment Three, Ascender went to visit Augernon, who began to remember his past after falling asleep. Augernon told him that the older Mountaineers were not meant to solve the fragments but to help recruits. Each of the six remaining Mountaineers (Augernon, Endri, Eaves, Bash, Itsuki and Ascender), were meant to be guild masters who would usher in a new age. When the other Mountaineers attempted to contact Ascender, he stated that "There are wheels turning in the shadows. Augernon showed me. A machine churns in the dark places of the world. Growing in size and power. An old machine that wants to separate us. Crush us. We are at war. A war I've been too blind to see until now. You have work to do, I have a war to fight" [2].

Phase Three Edit

During Fragment Eleven, Aether posted a number of links onto the Kemetic Solutions website. On the page 'Free,' Aether mentioned that he needed to find the 18 gates but to do so, he needed to find 'Sanvig' first[3]. On the page, a number of the words had hidden letters and, when compiling these letters, realized they formed a link[4]. At first Mountaineers thought the link was random, as it lead to a kindly looking doctor[5]. Reverse image searching took them to a website called Go-Getters - a mental health facility in Maryland, but they could find no clear connections[6]. However, Martin Rank soon interjected to note that the website was not random and that he had tried contacting them before. Go-Getters was the same mental health facility where Augernon was staying[7]. Marty had tried to reach him before, but had never made it past intake because he did not know Augie's real name[8].

Realizing Aether was trying to reach out to Augie, Marty volunteered to travel to Maryland and ask him some questions. Aether acquired the Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory spell from The Lost Athenaeum and he and Marty, together with recruits, were able to bring the old Augie back. Electronics were prohibited in Go-Getters, Marty used a pen and paper to record their conversation:

Marty's Conversation With Augernon
Augie didn’t have much to say and couldn’t answer any of my questions. He was having a “bad day” according to the nurse. But then around 3:30 he just sort of lit up. He was looking around the room like he woke up in a place he didn’t recognize.

M: Bill? Augernon? Are you alright?
A: What happened?
M: You just woke up.

He tried to get up…

M: Don’t get up.
A: Where’s Anne, my kids?
M: They’re okay. Everybody’s okay.

M: Can you tell me what you remember about the Mountaineers?
A: The— Mountaineers? My other family. I tried to save them. I tried to buy them time. Sent my family away because I knew they’d come for me. And I thought I could… I thought I could give everyone a chance to hide.
M: hide from what?
A: The Storm.
M: What is the Storm?
A: The other side of the forked road. I don’t know what they call themselves but they’ve been here for centuries. The shadow cast on the world. They wiped out the originals. Monarch’s Mountain. And when we got too close they did the same to us.
M: You met them?
A: I am an Ebenguard. I stood my ground so my friends could live.

He started crying.

M: Augernon…
A: No one calls me that but Ascender. Call me Augie. I remember him here. Ascender.
M: Yeah. He’s come to visit you.
A: I recruited him, you know.
M: You did?t wwhat about Climber? does that sound familiar?

He got agitated.

A: The book. Where’s the book?
M: What book?

He kept talking about a book for a few minutes. Then he looked at me for the first time.

A: Who are you?
M: My name’s Martin Rank. I’m a reporter.
A: I don’t know you.
M: no. but someone told me you could help us. We’re trying to help some people. Maybe the book you remember could be useful. What book are you talking about?

A: The Book of Briars.

M: How do you know about that?
A: It’s almost unlocked. But we didn’t see the Storm coming.
M: I don’t understand. Are you talking about now? Or the 90’s?
A: … What year is it?
M: The Book of Briars existed in 1994?
A: The Book has always existed, Mr. Rank. The originals tried to open it. Others in the unwritten times. Us. And now you, yes?
M: Yes.
A: You think it’s going to tell you the truth, don’t you?
M: What is it?

A: I don’t think we’re meant to learn anything from it. I think it was put here for us to teach it. Shape it. I don’t think it’s a book at all.
M: What do you think it is?

A: What do you think it is?

M: I think it’s a spell.

He got up, walked to the screened-in patio. I followed him.

M: What kind of spell is it, Augie?

A: They won’t let anyone have that book. They want the world the way it is. They want to enslave magic and keep it in the shadows. I’ve been gone a long time. Haven’t I?
M: Yes.
A: But they’ve been here with me, always. I hear them whispering to each other from around the world. Feel them moving like they’re under my skin. A splinter. A thing I can’t remember but can’t forget.
M: Can you tell me anything else about them? Who they are. Where they are.
A: Everywhere! Everywhere. Because they rule this world from a palace made of doors.

He looked at me again, unfamiliar.

A: I don’t know you.
M: I’m Martin Rank, Augie.
A: I’m really tired.
M: Come sit down…

I could tell the spell was failing, or fading. He was becoming the Augie I’d met before. Glassy-eyed, blank.

A: Ascender…
M: He’s...
A: What are you doing here?
M: My name…
A: You can’t be here. I did this to keep you safe.

I realized he thought I was Ascender.

M: I don’t know what to do Augie. What can we do to stop The Storm?
A: You need to learn all you can, Sender. How close are you? How many fragments do you have?
M: Ten.
A: You’re close. They came for us at twelve, remember?

And then I was a stranger to him again.

A: Who are you? How did you find me?
M: It’s a long story…

And then he was back.

A: They all are when it comes to magic. Remember what I told you, Sender. There are pieces moving on both sides of the board. Some are trying to hinder. Some are trying to help. Hide from hinder, you’re too weak right now to fight, but follow help with all your might. It won’t make sense. Until it does. Trust the flow of magic. Trust whoever it is that wants us to open the book.

He started wringing his hands, pacing. Then he stopped and looked up at me…

A: Is my family safe? Tell me the truth.
M: They are. Your boys are grown. They have families too now.
A: Good. I'm a grandfather. The past is just a moment, Martin. They’re coming. They’re here.

Then he collapsed. It happened so fast I thought he tripped but he was seizing. Orderlies came in. He was foaming from the mouth.

They pushed me out of the way.

And then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, like a current rushed through the room. I felt what he felt. Just for a second. I couldn’t help him. I ran.

Not my proudest moment.

That’s all I have.

I need a drink. [9]

After the Consolatory Teatime spell wore off, Augernon experienced a seizure and Martin was pushed out of the room, choosing to flee from the scene. Marty attempted to contact Augie's family, but was unable to reach them. [10]. Augie's status is ultimately unknown.

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