The Crimson Hall was the location of The Cagliostro's final performance and the site of his death on January 31st.

Description Edit

The Crimson Hall is a temple dedicated to the Rosicrucian. The venue contains 32 seats[1]. The building itself is in the shape of a hexagon, with seats being placed around the edge of the room. A platform is on the upper left portion of the room, presumably where the Cagliostro performed his tricks. In the center of the room is a pattern of six circles, each touching a corner of a smaller hexagon. Somewhere in the building is a side door, which Martin Rank used to escape with Lauren Ellsworth after the Cagliostro performed The Translation[2].

History Edit

The Crimson Hall is a Rosicrucian Temple located deep within Grand Central Station. It was chosen by The Cagliostro to be the location for his final performance [3]. The building itself was torn into chaos after The Translation was performed, which opened up a magical portal that "looked like it went on for miles inside. A million miles."

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