Cumberland Books was a book store visited by Deirdre Green roughly the same time as Fragment Three. The store was noted by Mountaineers to not have a physical location that could be discovered online, leading some to believe it existed in another dimension[1].

Description Edit

Cumberland Books is an antique book store. Its precise location is unknown, though a phone number was found for the store, 347-815-0330 [2]. The number leads to an answer machine of a very gruff sounding store owner[3].

History Edit

Cumberland Books was first mentioned by Deirdre in "Books! Books! Books!" while searching for lost copies of the Ackerly Green Publishing books. Deirdre spoke with a person who had come in to sell books, who showed her a 450 year old book about a "pre-freemason society and their search for religious artifacts." The buyer excused himself and the book owner. They disappeared into a back room and left Deirdre out front. Recruits were unable to find a physical location for the book store, adding to its mystery[4].

The number for Cumberland Books appeared in Fragment Four and was shared by Reader during the secret mission. Reader stated that the number was hand-written on Brandon Lachmann's materials, either written by him or by Sacha[5].

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