Deirdre Green is the heir to Ackerly-Green Publishing and daughter of Sullivan Green. She moved to New York City after inheriting her father's brownstone.

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Deirdre is an adventurous and brave girl, willing to take risks in order to pursue her dreams. She is highly ambitious, seeking to build her own company from the ground up with minimal help. On her blog, she often mentions feeling like an outsider, in both Ireland and the United States.

Deirdre has an interest in writing and books, noting that she "was considered quite the Dorothy Parker in university" [2]. Early in her blog, she discusses the possibilities for a potential novel [3] about a young woman in Victorian London who gets involved with a secret society in America [4].

Biography Edit

Little is known about Deirdre's childhood, other than the fact that she was brought to Aunt Monica at the age of 6 [5]. Deirdre grew up in Ireland, living a relatively normal life. In early posts, Deirdre mentioned knowing little about her father other than his name [6]. In later posts, she mentioned having a recurring dream of a "dad-like' individual carrying her 4-5 year old self down a hallway [7] and this later became a dream of Sullivan carrying her down a long hallway [8]. She went to university[9] and took a job at a consulting firm some time after[10].

On January 1, 2016, Deirdre created the blog Deeds Done. Early posts describe her life in Kentish Town, staying at David's apartment [11]. Grieving the end of her relationship[12] and a working a job she hated[13] (and was eventually fired from), Deirdre's early posts cataloged her discontent with her current life. Beginning with the post "Strange Things", Deirdre began to experience magical occurrences, including a stranger who knew her name and a man looking up at her window and then disappearing.

In the July 12th post "Stranger Things" Deirdre was contacted by a lawyer notifying her of her father's passing and that she inherited his estate. Having learned that Sullivan had provisions for Deirdre in his will [14], she set off for New York to hand his passing. Upon arriving in New York City, Deirdre met with Orvin Wallace and was given a Through the Night, a pocket watch, and two pieces of paper that belonged to her father [15].

Phase One Edit

Deirdre was first encountered by recruits on July 25, 2016, after Ascender posted about finding Sullivan Green's heir. Ascender had set up a Google alert for the words "Sullivan Green" and it had picked up on Deirdre's post "The Conversation" where she mentioned inheriting her father's estate. Concerned about scaring her off, Ascender asked The Mountaineers not to contact her while he thought up a way to approach her. After Deirdre posted the picture of her father's belongings, Ascender contacted her on Instagram, pretending to be from a historical society interested in Ackerly-Green Publishing. Deirdre agreed to scan the pages, which led to the discovery of Fragment One [16].

During the events of Fragment Two Deirdre began to get settled in New York, posting about her various trips to different areas of the city. However, she soon began to be stalked by King Rabbit, noting that the strange man who had stared into her window in Kentish Town was staring at her during a shopping trip [17]. Unbeknownst to her, King Rabbit was posting photos of her from afar on his Instagram account. This culminated in "Miss Havisham Takes a Tumble," where King Rabbit chased Deirdre down the streets of New York until she fell, then took the opportunity to steal her pocket watch.

In the latter half of Fragment Two, The Last Traveller began posting poem lines to Deirdre's blog, leading to Fragment Three. Deirdre was unable to see the comments he posted, nor the comments recruits posted in response to him. The Last Traveller disappeared before he could post his final line, but the line came in the form of a handwritten note along with Deirdre's package of The Wolf and the Wild [18].

Phase Two Edit

Shortly after receiving her package of The Wolf and the Wild, Deirdre felt claustrophobic and decided to go on a trip to Hudson, NY. There, she made the choice to revive Ackerly-Green Publishing and begin printing more books, old and new [19]. At the beginning of Fragment Five, Deirdre found a strange piece of paper in The Wolf and the Wild that led to the discovery of The Cagliostro's website. In order to get a better a sense of the Ackerly-Green company, she spoke with her Aunt Monica about her childhood and her father. Monica realized that there was a box of Sullivan's things in her attic, which she shipped to Deirdre. It contained The Monarch Papers Volume One, a Herman the Hippocampus necklace, and a scarf, which she posted in "What to Do." The contents of the journal allowed recruits to solve Fragment Six by using Sullivan's hints to find real world locations. However, most of the journal was nonsensical to Deirdre, which she described as the chaos of a fractured mind in "Happy Feelings."

While Deirdre was waiting for her aunt's package, she received a Google alert for The Wolf and the Wild. The alert led her to Cole Sumner, who had posted about his childhood experience with Ackerly-Green novels [20]. After Deirdre reached out to Cole on his Tumblr account[21], the pair became close with Cole describing his relationship with her as having "never felt this close to someone." [22]

While Cole struggled with hiding the truth from Deirdre, the secret to Deirdre's missing comments was revealed in Fragment Eight. Sullivan had hidden the MAGIQ-verse from Deirdre using a spell to shield her from magic [23]. Despite that, due to his secret desire for Deirdre to learn the truth, a 'crack' existed in the spell, one that would allow her to reverse his actions and see the real world. As recruits pieced together the solution for Fragment Eight, Deirdre traveled to upstate New York, where she unknowingly gathered six objects pertaining to the six elements needed for the spell to work.

After returning to New York City, she agreed to meet with Cole at the train station. He told her the truth of the MAGIQ-verse and gave her the letter he found in the Morgan Library, as well as the way to reverse the spell [24]. Using the Mountaineer's magic as a grounding agent, Deirdre was able to finish the spell with a magic-infused poem in "The Sea". Confirming that the spell did indeed work, all of the comments on Deirdre's blog became visible. As such, she would now be able to interact with recruits and view the Basecamp 33 Forum.

Phase Three Edit

Deirdre remained silent for a month after the events of Phase Two, remaining silent on both her blog and her Instagram account. On March 2, she posted a location-tagged image on her Instagram of her hometown in Bunratty, Ireland. She had visited her Aunt Monica after a call from a family friend told her that her dementia was getting worse, and that Deirdre should come back to visit before it progressed even further. After Monica told her that pursuing her father had made her "glow" and had been the best thing for her, Deirdre left on a globe-trotting adventure using the clues in Sullivan's journal. For the next month, she continued to quietly post pictures on her Instagram, of her in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Granada, and Istanbul. Deirdre finally broke her silence on March 22, with "The Monarch Papers" - an open letter to The Mountaineers. She explained that she had caught up with the forums and, while she understood the Mountaineers' intentions were good, she was struggling to accept everything that had happened. She explained that her copy of The Monarch Papers, which had previously been obscured to her due to Sullivan's spell, was finally legible. The journal gave her hints that lead to different parts of the world, and she had been following it to learn more about her father's legacy and the magic he uncovered. She promised the Mounties that she would keep in touch, and that the reason she left New York was not because of Cole.

In "Istanbul*****," Deirdre revealed that she was stuck in Turkey, and asked for help from the Mounties. She revealed that the clue was "A line of lovers offer a sorrowful rest in Topkapi." A week later, in "Something's Worked," Deirdre revealed that a new clue had come from the journal after visiting several places related to Topkapi Palace. The journal stated “return to the line of silver, the line of the craftsmen. Where Archemedes’ cry shines brightest through its adoring cut,” which recruits traced to the Eureka Diamond in the Kimberley Mine Museum. Deirdre traveled to Cape Town in "In Air," further explaining her silence as she traveled to the museum. She had been following a path created by Sullivan, which he created from the paths of wool and silver - two ancient journeys through art and crafts that once lead to the truth of magiq. After visiting the diamond, Deirdre was unable to unlock the next clue because she needed both to find the art and to feel an emotion - in the case of the diamond clue, adoration[25]. However, after a late night call with Cole, Deirdre was able to retrieve the next clue. “The trembling light of ukioy-e is printed on the souls of the lost and the damned[26]."

Recruits sent Deirdre to Israel in pursuit of “One Hundred Stories of Demons and Spirits.” She arrived in "Knockered", and recalled her experiences with a strange knocking on her door. In Istanbul, it had been a slow pounding on her hotel room door. She heard the same knocking in Cape Town, but, after calling a manager, they stated the knocking was coming from inside the hotel room. This culminated in "Knocking Back," when Deirdre met with Ishi, the art collector who Deirdre was told was an expert on the piece. After going to Ishi's house, she was able to view the painting, but Ishi left briefly after thinking she heard a knock at her door. However, when Ishi heard a knock at her closet door, she turned to ask Deirdre what she's brought into her house. Ishi drug Deirdre out of her house while Deirdre begged her to explain what was going on, doors knocking all the while. As Deirdre walked down the street, every door in every home was knocking, and Deirdre collapsed and wept in the street. Sullivan's journal feel out of her purse, leaving her with a clue about a ruined city and a note that said "Keep going," which led her to not give up.

Recognizing the clue on her own, Deirdre booked a flight for Montreal to visit the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum. She arrived in "The Door - Part One." The clue mentioned ruins below a city in the new world, and the north, and “carved from the living, if only one could listen,” and “it marks the end of the path,” which Deirdre followed to a set of bricks behind a plexiglass shield. She heard a faint knocking from the other end, but couldn't reach it past the plexiglass. As she went to leave, she ran into Colby Fortin, who apologized for his part in Sullivan's Calling of the Corners spell. In "The Door - Part Two," Deirdre followed Colby out of the museum and down towards the river, where they began talking about the past. He introduced himself to her and explained that he had been waiting in Montreal to fulfill a promise to Sullivan. Colby asked to see Deirdre's book, stating that all the nonsense writing in the journal was actually a hidden story that could only be heard by someone whose mind and heart were bound to it. He told Deirdre “Sully” had given him permission to hear it as well. Colby was going to “ignite” the book, experience the story firsthand, and then share it with her, acting as a buffer for the power. Deirdre learned the history of her father, how he met her mother, Aisling Green, and the fact that she was born at the crossroads of both their journeys. She learned that her father, discontent with minor magiq, had left Aisling a virtual single mother. However, when Sullivan returned and tried to take Deirdre away, Aisling cursed Sullivan to protect her daughter. Unfortunately, the curse eventually killed Aisling, leaving Deirdre with Sullivan. After performing the Calling of the Corners spell on her, he sent her to live with Aunt Monica, where she grew up knowing little of her heritage. Meanwhile, Sullivan was trying to do something. Find the truth. But he was being hunted. And the pursuit, the confinement, combined with whatever Deirdre's mother did to protect her, drove him mad.

After learning the story of her family, Colby told her that it was the end of the path. Deirdre was shocked and stunned by the hopeless ending, and Colby tried to console her by stating that what you find on the path, not at the end of it, that matters. Deirdre asked about the doors and the knocking. He said many have heard it in their lives at one point or another, but he thought it was an echo of whatever used to be at the end of the roads, part of a spell that no longer worked. That it was nothing in the present. While Deirdre and Colby cried in the park, Colby said he would stay her heart, but her heart was already well-guarded. Wanting something tangible, Deirdre left Montreal, unintentionally leaving her father's journal behind on the park bench. Returning to New York, she sought out the comfort of Cole, stating that "for my own sake, and for the memories of Sullivan and Aisling Green, I’m done with The Monarch Papers[27]."

Deirdre spent the next two weeks with Cole in Hoboken, away from magiq and her father's legacy. She fell in love with Cole, admiring his passion and sincerity. After visiting the Unicorn Tapestries in The Cloisters, Deirdre had a revelation and rushed back to her father's brownstone, where she found her mother's wool scarf and her father's silver pendant. Realizing the two items represented the paths of wool and silver, and all the doors in the apartment started knocking. This led her to post "Did I Say Done?" where Deirdre announced she was not quite giving up the search for the truth. In "Birthday Girl," Deirdre reiterated her intent to keep seeking the truth, stating that Cole agreed with her that her time with The Monarch Papers and the Book of Briars wasn't over.

Phase Four Edit

Deirdre returned to action on July 10 with "Picking Up the Thread." She had been fiddling with her mother's scarf while sitting with Cole, when she realized that there was an itchy part of the fabric that was different from the rest of the scarf. There was one course thread running down the middle of the scarf, which Cole and Deirdre pulled apart. After examining the thread, they noticed it had dots and dashes on it, which Cole immediately recognized as Morse code. Deirdre read out the code to Cole, who translated it into an address of a hundred-year-old apartment building that at some point had been converted into a boutique hotel. The next day, Deirdre traveled to the hotel with Cole, and they asked the manager about her father. The manager was initially confused until they mentioned room 7G, telling them to go to room 717 on the 7th floor and that they wouldn't need a key.

After knocking on the door to room 717, an elderly man answered the door and asked if she was Deirdre. After stating that she was, the man introduced himself as Meredith Grey Ackerly. The conversation continued in "M. Grey Ackerly," talking to Deirdre and Cole for over an hour. He told Deirdre that his fake death had been Sullivan's plan, who believed that forces were out to kill the Ackerlys. Grey explained that the apartment had been preserved at great cost, first to protect him and others in the families, then eventually Deirdre. It existed as a safe haven for Deirdre to find. He pointed to the front door where there were two locks. One was normal, one was not. He said one simply locked the door, the other one locked out the world. Ackerly eventually remembered the task Sullivan had given him - to give Deirdre a box. The box was magiqally sealed, which Deirdre opened by putting her Herman the Hippocampus necklace to the hippocampus emblem on the box. In it was a Chronocompass and a journal that was empty, save for a title page dubbed "The Monarch Papers: Neithernor." Sullivan explained that her destiny was intertwined with everyone else's and that she had to travel to a dangerous place in order to defeat The Churning Storm. He ended the letter by saying that "Tthe Mountaineers must reach out to the past, and you my dear, must go to Neithernor."

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