The Flora Key was the first key unlocked by fragments one through four.

Description Edit

The Flora Key is a green silhouette of a six-petaled flower. It is placed in the bottom left of the Book of Briars.

History Edit

Each of the first four fragments yielded torn pieces of paper when their solutions were found. After The Mountaineers uncovered a number of these sections of text it became apparent that these bits of paper would fit together to form one page. These, in combination with some extra scraps of paper found throughout these fragments, pieced together to form a recipe for a “Kindly Brew for Finding Things” potion. Just as this recipe was restored, the Book of Briars reached out.

The Book of Briars reached out to the Mountaineers again, this time informing them that their first Magimystical Assessment would commence on All Hallow’s Eve[1]. This was something brand new for The Mounties. Come Halloween, all Mountaineers were as ready as they could be for an assessment they knew nothing of or how to prepare for it. The evaluation ended up being in two parts; the first was to gauge the magimystical sensitivity of the Mounties, while the second tested their retention and magimystical capabilities. The Moutaineers quickly realized it was a very good thing all of the scraps of paper were found and the entire recipe was pieced together as the second part of the assessment centered solely on this recipe. One by one, the Mountaineers completed their assessment, unlocking the Flora Key and becoming magimystic apprentices.

The Book required a number of Mountaineers to discover the Flora Key, as more than just one should shoulder a task this large. Once the Book was satisfied with the amount of Mounties finishing this assessment, the Flora Key unlocked one of the four Locks that seal the Book of Briars.

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