Fragments are the magimystical words used to unlock the Book of Briars' Keyholes. There are sixteen in total, with four used to open each lock.

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Fragments are broken up into four general groups - phase one, phase two, phase three, and phase four. Within each phase are four fragments that must be found in order to obtain the key.

The fragments within a phase seem to have a prevailing theme. For instance, the Phase One fragments were all paper scraps that had to be assembled into a completed page [1]. Similarly, the Phase Two fragments were animal puzzle pieces that had to be printed out and assembled, after which a 3D model was provided by the Book [2].

Obtaining a Fragment Edit

Fragments are obtained via puzzle solving. The method varies, from finding magimystical words in emails and blog posts to recreating the story of a pen and paper game.

Once a suspected fragment word is obtained, recruits must enter it into the Book's website. This is done by adding the word to the end of the Book's URL. For instance, to unlock the fragment FrayLily, the url became If the word is indeed a fragment, it will redirect the recruit to a special page. If the word is not a fragment, then the recruit will simply by redirected back to the Book of Briars home page.

Fragment words are typically unique to the Magiq-verse, not being able to be defined in real word terms. This fact makes them easier to spot in puzzles where the word is not necessarily obvious.

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