The term Mandela Effect was coined for instances where small groups of seemingly unconnected people remember historical events differently than the general population. Named for some people’s memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the mid-80s instead of being freed in the 90s.

Description Edit

In the mundane world, the Mandela Effect was coined in late 2009 by paranormal blogger Fiona Broome. The term was called such due to a rising number of unassociated people who claimed to have differing memories on the fate of Nelson Mandela, however the term soon grow to include a number of other circumstances. A particularly noteworthy instance of the Mandela Effect is the name of the Berenstain Bears being remembered as the Berenstein Bears. Some people believe the Mandela Effect is proof of alternate universes spilling into the world, while others see it as a lapse of collective memory.

Relation to the Book of Briars Edit

The Mandela Effect was believed by The Mountaineers to be the cause of people forgetting that magiq exists. It was the ultimate goal of The Mountaineers to find the root cause of the lost memories, including the Book of Briars.

In Phase Three, it was found that The Churning Storm was at the heart of the Mandela Effect. Using the power of magiqal doors, they were learning how to block off magiq from the mundane world. It was their actions that caused people to forget that magiq exists[1].

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