For the many lulz of the Mounties

Steve the Balimoran Edit

Steve the Balimoran is the name of a fictional Balimoran who wreaks havoc over all the guildies. He was created as simple joke of the kind of Balimoran someone wouldn't want to meet, who was always playing annoying pranks of people. However, the legend grew after it was spread around by many recruits, who all told tales of his grandiose exploits.

RIP Cags Edit

The Cagliostro, although important to Phase Two, was not the kind of character who recruits obsessed over. However, during the creation of the Discord, two recruits began to ponder about his appearance and discuss the sad events that transpired during The Cagliostro's final performance. In discussing the emojis needed for the server, which were going to be based on the characters in The Monarch Papers, the two recruits considered what Cagliostro would look like. They jokingly came to the conclusion that Cags was a handsome nerd.

After this, the talk moved to the forums, where people began jokingly shipping themselves with Cags[1][2] and lamenting his death with the phrase "RIP Cags.[3]" The shipping of Cags with recruits ultimately led to all recruits being married to recruit Chordie[4][5].

After a recruit posted "Cags = :skullandcrossbonesemoji:" someone jokingly said "Wait, Cags is a pirate?" leading people to refer to him as Dread Pirate Cags[6].

The series of jokes also lead to prose written about a seance with Cagliostro.

DJ Brenny Bren Edit

In the wake of recruits being shipped with Cags, eventually everyone agreed to be married to recruit Chordie. Joking about the mass marriage, recruit Brendon created a flyer for his fictional DJ service that could be provided at the wedding ceremony. [7] From then on, Brendon was known as the de-facto DJ for the Mounties and his name was later used for the Discord server music bot (the music channel being labeled DJ_brenny_bren).

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