The Morgan Library was an important location in Fragment Eight. It held Seven Cradle Songs and the spell to free Deirdre Green.

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The Morgan Library is a historic library in New York City. In the Magiq-verse, it is “a well”, a place deeply connected to the other side of the veil and therefore filled with echoes of memory and magic. Wells are disorienting for all but the most experienced of magimystics and libraries can be dangerous as well[1].

History Edit

The Morgan Library holds a special place in the history of the Ackerly Green's Guide to Magiq. When a copy of the Guide was found by a demolition crew tearing down the New York Lunatic's Asylum, it was sent to the Morgan Library to be digitally scanned and preserved. Unfortunately, efforts to preserve or restore the Guide proved impossible and the Guide was stolen from the library in 2005. All scans of the book were corrupted[2].

Because of its existence as a well, Sullivan Green chose to hide his copy of Seven Cradle Songs in the Morgan Library, along with a note to his Daughter Deirdre Green explaining why he had hidden her from the magical world and how she could reverse the spell he placed on her, if she wished to open her eyes to the truth.

In Fragment Seven, recruits tracked down several locations from tryptiches within The Monarch Papers that created the words Mor, Gansu, Lye, Brierly. From this, recruits realized they were looking for the Morgan Library. At the same time as recruits realized this, so too did Lauren Ellsworth, who was following the path of the journal in hopes that it might contain a spell to protect The Cagliostro from the people who controlled him. The Mountaineers sent Cole Sumner to retrieve the book, who arrived shortly before Lauren did. Lauren set the library partially ablaze, stealing the book from Cole, but unknowingly leaving him with the book's inner contents, including Calling the Corners spell[3].

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