Teddy is an employee of Kemetic Solutions who worked to open a door into the magical world.

Personality Edit

Teddy speaks with a Southern accent, often speaking slowly and with emphasis. He works with Kemetic Solutions in retrieving and experimenting on magically adept individuals, suggesting that he has few moral qualms. Despite this, his personal logs indicate he does feel some sense of remorse towards his subjects - noting that he hopes to "do better by" Aether than he did an individual from his past[1].

Biography Edit

Teddy first appeared in Fragment Ten in a video altered by Aether. Recruits could hear him calling Aether and requesting to meet, then him asking Aether to use magiq to peer into his phone's camera. At some point Teddy told Aether, "I believe you could find a family with us. A family, aether(?). Perhaps for the first time in your life. No, we have no interest in changing your mind, but with your mind, we will change everything[2]." He then kidnapped Aether and took him to Kemetic Solutions' underground facility where he tested Aether's magiqal abilities. Using the materials from Fragment Four - Brandon Lachmann's path to escape to the magiqal world - Teddy hoped to open a door into the world of magiq[3].

Aether's Escape

Aether's Escape

On April 27th, in an experiment in which Teddy asked Aether to use his mind to envision a door and to tell him about it, Aether attempted to escape. Using his power to manipulate technology, Aether was able to leave his body behind and enter Kemetic Solutions' computer systems, much to Teddy's fury. While inside of the system, Aether leaked some of Teddy's experiment logs.

Teddy's Logs Edit

After hacking into Kemetic Solutions' systems, Aether was able to retrieve some of Teddy's logs[4].

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