The Campfire Project is a section of the Basecamp 33 Forum that is dedicated to the study of magic and learning to embrace creativity.

Description Edit

Custom Badges Edit

Users who post frequently in the Campfire section are granted special badges to reward them for their contributions. These badges include:

  • Kindler - You've been rewarded for posting in the Campfire project or one of its sub-categories.
  • Stoker - You have continued exploring your creativity and the world of MAGIQ.

History Edit

The Campfire Project began November 14th, 2016[1], it was started by the late Itsuki as an exploration of the artistic expression of Magiq. His inspiration came from the words of the late Brandon Lachman; "imagination is nothing more than memory transposed."[2] Itsuki believed that art brought magiq into the world and hoped that the Campfire Project would encourage Mountaineers to create that art.

The first ever submission to the Campfire Project, titled Burning Papers, was written by the user OracleSage on the same day the project began.[3] Other works soon followed. Works have mainly been literary but they have branched out into photography and illustration.

Phase Four Edit

The campfire was integral in awakening the Book of Briars in Fragment Sixteen. Mountaineers were encouraged to share their memories of the Book, through writing, poetry, visual art, or any other type of creative expression. When the Book finally awoke, it began liking the posts, giving Mounties the final fragment when it was done[4].

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