The Churning Storm is a mysterious entity that seeks to control the world and cut it off from magiq. They are a major antagonist within the MAGIQverse and oppose the efforts of The Mountaineers and The Council of the 18 Gates to bring magiq back to the world.

Description Edit

According to Augernon, the Storm is "the other side of the forked road. I don’t know what they call themselves but they’ve been here for centuries. The shadow cast on the world. They wiped out the originals. Monarch’s Mountain[1]." They have antagonized truth seekers since before written history, having seemingly succeeded until modern times.

History Edit

Mountaineers were worried about an oncoming storm as early as Phase One. After Fragment Two[2], Ascender went to visit Augernon and learned of the Storm's existence. He then went off to warn Mountaineers of "a machine churns in the dark places of the world. Growing in size and power. An old machine that wants to separate us. Crush us.[3]." Brandon Lachmann was the second person to warn Mountaineers, stating that "darker storms are coming for the books" in his farewell letter[4].

In Phase Three, the Mountaineers were again warned of the Storm by Aether, who said "there's a storm coming" in his first livestream[5]. When Martin Rank went to visit Augernon at Go-Getters, Augernon warned him of the storm that had come for the '94 Mountaineers and that the same thing would eventually happen to the current generation of Mountaineers.

Mountaineers first encountered the Storm in Fragment Twelve, when it cut off Aether's livestream. While in the process of assaulting Kemetic Solutions, it left a message mocking The Mountaineers and claiming it would soon destroy the Council of the 18 Gates and banish them to the Fray.

The Storm's Message Edit

On the May 31st livestream, the Storm attacked Kemetic Solutions, leaving a reversed audio message for the Mountaineers[6].

The dance has begun. We, the churning storm descend once more. As always, the Gates have moved to protect the worthless lives of their naive little mountain climbers. Ever lost, ever misinformed, reaching for a peak that you will never find. They care for you as they have never cared for previous manipulated acolytes. And in doing, they've made themselves vulnerable. They stretched their meager power too thin. Soon, what little power the Council still possesses will fade and they will disappear back into the Fray. Then one by one we will come for you and wipe you from our world like marks upon a looking glass. How could you have ever won? To defeat an enemy you must know them. The Gates will never win because they do not understand their enemy. We have no desire to abandon a world we control in completion. We were not learning how to open doors, we were learning how to close them. And in doing, break that precious book of yours, once and for all.

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