The Monarch Papers is a series of journals written by Sullivan Green. There are three known volumes.

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The Monarch Papers are magimystical journals penned by Sullivan Green some forty years before Deirdre's arrival in New York City. The books contain a record of Sullivan's journey to magiqal discovery, following three paths that ultimately unlocked a magical world to him.

In "In Air," Sullivan describes the three magiqal paths he had taken to try to reach his own enlightenment. Two groups knew that magiq had been stripped from the world, and set paths so that anyone with enough drive to seek magiqal potential could follow them. However, after failing to find what he sought at both paths, he made his own. According to Sullivan:

“…at the end of both roads nothing but silence and ruin. Roads that, at one time in history, were walked by those who sought the truth. But when I walked them I found those who built them were no longer waiting at the end. And hadn’t been for quite some time. It wasn’t until years later that I found what I believe to be the truth and now I leave it safe at the end of this new road. For you.” [1]

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Volume One Edit

Volume one was sent to Deirdre in "What to Do" by Aunt Monica. The journal had been hidden in Monica's attic until then, after Deirdre asked her if she remembered anything about Sullivan[2].

During Phase Two, Deirdre was unable to make out the writing in the journal, seeing only what she described in Happy Feelings as 'the chaos of a fractured mind.' The journal initially contained map points to Bernard Sleigh's Fairyland[3], as well as images of the psyche[4], and an animal story used to navigate the map[5].

During Phase Three, Deirdre was finally able to fully read the contents of the journal[6]. In the journal, Sullivan revealed the truth of his travels to Deirdre, stating that he was following a hundreds year old journey tracking down pieces of art that would lead to a magiqal truth. Deirdre herself began following the trail, finding more and more hints to a new piece of art. As she traveled Sullivan's path, she found the clues also depended on her emotional state, as well[7].

Volume Two Edit

The status of Volume Two is currently unknown. Some Mountaineers have posited that Volume Two was stolen from Sullivan Green's deposit box in Switzerland[8], but the truth of the journal's whereabouts is unknown.

Volume ThreeEdit

Volume Three of the Monarch Papers was discovered by The Cagliostro and sent to his apprentice, Lauren Ellsworth, as a test of her magiqal ability. As Lauren unlocked new parts of the journal, she uploaded them onto The Cagliostro's databases[9]. The journal would unlock based on the time period and after the journal had been exposed to the elements[10]. The journal ultimately led to the Ackerly-Green Book Seven Cradle Songs and included a note to reverse the spell that had hidden Deirdre from magiq.

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