Project Wanderer is a creation of Kemetic Solutions that was used to take down their enemies[1].

Description Edit

Project Wanderer is a project by Kemetic Solutions, along with Project Sweeper. It has been used to 'unhook' the enemies of Kemetic Solutions, sending them to a different time period in exchange for another object or person. According to Theodore Fallon, Kemetic Solutions has "no clear overview of its effectiveness, or consequences."

Usage Edit

The page on Project Wanderer was found by Aether in Fragment Eleven after his mind entered Kemetic Solution's servers. Little was known about Project Wanderer until Fragment Twelve, when Teddy revealed to Martin Rank that Wanderer was his son, Nate Fallon. He had the power to 'unhook' a person or object, exchanging them in time for another person or object.

Benefactor noted that the project was called Wanderer because "They lose pieces of themselves. It’s not Sweeper bad, the complete memory wipe, but in a way it’s worse. You still have some of your faculties, enough to know you aren’t where you’re supposed to be. You just don’t know what happened to you or how to undo it. You’re lost. To the world, to time, to yourself[2]."

In Fragment Sixteen, it was revealed that Sullivan Green had willingly allowed Wanderer to displace him in time, so he could ensure his plan to unlock the Book of Briars would work.

Teddy's Logs Edit


It’s not foolproof but we’ve had some breakthroughs in the past year.

I have to be honest, I don’t understand the point of displacing those who risk what we’re trying to do.

But here we are unhooking people who could cause us irreparable harm, and possibly still could. Where they go, what they remember… none of it’s proven. It’s exhausting trying to argue the counterpoint. Sweeper has proven successful in 95% of use cases. Why we’re using Wanderer when we have no clear overview of its effectiveness, or consequences, I don’t know.

But there are machinations at work here that I’m not privy to.

I would like to say I’m proud of my work on the Wanderer project, that it was worth the cost, that she died for a cause. It’s a monumental leap forward in power. But I’m so deep in the shadows I can’t say anything we’re doing is worth the price.

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